Rotating Building – Dubai, UAE

6 08 2008

Clearly, Dubai will be a dream place for many architects and place for innovative skyscraper designs. The new concept of rotating building where it will keep changing its shape and generate surplus energy from the wind as well as the sun.

The “Dynamic Architecture”, is a newly introduced by Florentine architect David Fisher. The project has generated considerable interest all over the world. It will have 68 floors and will be 313 meters (1,027 feet) high. It will function as a 6-star hotel, offices and apartments of various sizes besides five villas on the top floor. Each of the villas will have designated parking on the same floor with vehicles brought up and down in special elevators. The roof of the “Penthouse” villa will also have a swimming pool, a garden and an Arabian majlis.

It will be the first skyscraper “produced” with industrial systems process: in fact, 90% of the building will be constructed as modular parts which later on it will be assembled on the central core.
These units will then be shipped to 11 other major cities including Moscow, Milan, New York and Tokyo.

Each floor of the tower will consist of 12 modules that will arrive at the job site completely finished and with electrical, plumbing as well as air-conditioning systems ready for use.

The building system will allow the tenants to rotate the view so that they could enjoy the surrounding.

In addtion to that , this project is considrered as “green” architecture – sustainable architecture. This building will generates electricity for itself and five other equivalent buildings. The building has 48 wind turbines mounted horizontally between one floor and the next, and the photovoltaic cells located on the roofs of the individual apartments to absorve solar energy.




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